That mascot wasn’t helping one bit (update)

Posted on January 26th, 2007 – 11:04 AM
By Michael Rand

Here’s a link to the video, if you’re curious. Thanks to Coyote, who is definitely With Leather. Great blog, great blog name.

Funny story from the NBA Development League: The Austin Toros’ mascot — Da Bull — almost cost his/her/its team the game the other night by prematurely celebrating. The lead to the story uses the fictional word “Bull-oney,” which should be a writing suspension in its own right. But here’s some of the rest from

“The mascot, known as Da Bull, prematurely ran onto the court and hung from the rim with .4 seconds remaining, apparently to punctuate center Loren Woods’ breakaway dunk that gave the Toros a four-point lead over Colorado. While hanging from the rim, the Toros detailed in a news release Thursday, Da Bull collided with a Colorado player. At the point of contact, the mascot’s head, to his horror, fell to the floor. The Toros were assessed a technical foul. The 14ers’ Von Wafer made the free throw, but Rick Rickert missed a 3-pointer that would have tied the score as time expired. Da Bull was suspended for two games and assigned by the team to 50 hours of community service. A replacement mascot will perform in his absence.”

We really don’t need to provide any follow-up, but:

1. Loren Woods and Rick Rickert were involved. That’s outstanding.

2. Von Wafer.

3. We think any mascot that can hang on the rim should be commended, not punished. But that’s just us. Furthermore, some sort of mascot controversy should now be part of every NBA Developmental league game. Who’s in charge? David Stern? A deputy? Make it happen.


Rick Rickert, not capitalizing on Da Bull’s mistake.

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