There’s a lot of stuff on the Internets

Posted on January 30th, 2007 – 4:10 PM
By Michael Rand

A female fan advises young Sidney Crosby as to where he might be able to score. (Note: This was e-mailed to us, and then we just realized it’s on Deadspin as well. Despite our newfound love for photo technology, we’ll leave it off our family-oriented site — dysfunctional as the family might be).

Guess we know where our Super Bowl bloggers will be tonight: Partying with Bryant McKinnie!¬†One if by land, two if by sea …

Free Darko is not entirely sold on the sanctity of Shane Battier bobblehead night.

10,000 Takes is worried that when members of the FSN crew throw it back to the studio, someone there might not be ready to catch it. Or at least not know the name of who threw it.

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