The Internets: Beckett getting into retirement shape

Posted on February 15th, 2008 – 3:52 PM
By Michael Rand

We’re not sure what happened between late October and now, but it appears Josh Beckett has really let himself go. We know how Stanley Cup winners like to do odd things like drink beer out of the Lord’s trophy. Maybe Beckett was eating onion rings off the World Series trophy?

*Happy birthday, Ladies. Ahem. Ladies …

*An open plea from Sooze, honestly word-for-word from an email: “We love your readers. Would you be willing to link to our fantasy baseball post? We’d love to have some of your readers (Stu especially) play this season. (smiley face).” You heard the woman. Be in her fantasy.

*Buncha Falcons available, if anyone wants them. Alge Crumpler is somewhat intriguing. Hey, the Vikings already had Carlester.

*Our political affiliation aside, we think this blog by John McCain’s daughter is rather interesting and refreshingly not all uptight.

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