The Internets: Breaking Down Steve Nash

Posted on February 26th, 2008 – 12:14 PM
By Michael Rand

The good folks at Empty the Bench wonder if the real reason the Suns won’t contend in this year’s playoffs is Steve Nash — and his defense. In a conference dominated by great point guards, Nash is great on one side of the ball and a decided liability on the other. Could the two-time MVP be the difference — the wrong way — in a series with New Orleans, Utah or others?

On 205th compiles a list of best TV intro songs ever, complete with video. It involves the NBA, so we can link to it. Yay!

Speaking of movies, our friend Taco gleefully passes along the Onion AV Club’s list of “15 proudly profane sports movies.” There will obviously be some language and hilarity in this link. “Can I just brag that I had ‘Cockfighter’ in my Netflix queue BEFORE this list came out?” Taco asks. Sure you can. Movie dork.

SportsbyBrooks says Floyd Mayweather is getting $20 million for a foray into Wrestlemania. Huh?

Tony Kornheiser does not like blogs. No, really. Nice work, Mr. Steinberg. Er, Mr. Mole Rat. Where does one go to get their irony meter repaired?

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