MLB ballpark ratings: Fans vote Dome #26

Posted on April 30th, 2008 – 11:09 AM
By Michael Rand

garlic-fries.jpgSports Illustrated has a rather interesting ranking of all the ballparks in the Majors, as voted upon by the fans in several different categories. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Dome — which will be a-rockin’ in an hour or so for the White Sox afternoon special, as long as you consider a tepid indoor hum on a sunny day to be a-rockin’ — came in 26th out of 30 when all was added up. Now, this isn’t exactly scientific, and we do take issue with some of the fans’ conclusions in the big picture (our favorite experiences are in Boston, San Fran and Colorado, which came in 21st, 17th and 7th, respectively, while the brutal White Sox experience came in 8th and the slightly above average Miller Park was a shocking No. 2), we did enjoy the detailed breakdown of the experience at the Dome and some of the fan comments included. While food rated a disappointing 25th at the Dome, the dollar dog night is of course a hit. Said one fan of the “must-have food item” offered at the Dome: “Hormel Dollar Dog Nights on Wednesdays. They are big hot dogs. They are also a dollar.” Can’t argue with that. The highest ranking (No. 7) came on the affordability piece, but many things lagged in the 20s, including atmosphere (29th). Hospitality was a very average 15th, with many people agreeing Twins fans are very polite. True enough, if you shout anything at all at a Twins game, you are likely to be glared at from multiple angles. Or so we’ve heard. Fan intelligence was rated No. 22, likely because fans at the Dome always do two things: clap and make noise for a 3-2 pitch, regardless of the situation in the game; and boo when an opposing pitcher attempts a pick-off. Clean up these two things, and we can easily be in the teens. In any event, we welcome your thoughts on the Dome and the rest of the rankings. (Gratuitous picture of garlic fries not courtesy of the Dome).

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