Tuesday (Packers: Our second ‘home team’) edition: Wha’ happened?

Posted on June 17th, 2008 – 8:19 AM
By Michael Rand

mossmoon.jpgThis aggression will not stand, man. That’s the tone of an e-mail from an outraged Vikings fan forwarded to us late last night. It has nothing to do with a push-off, wide left, a knee, or 41-donut. But it might force a certain someone to add on to a certain chapter in a certain book. It seems that a store in the MSP airport is the focus of this man’s ire. He explains early on that he is a HUGE Vikings fan, having watched them since the days of Tarkenton. He’s from Colorado but was here recently and actually got to meet Brad Childress, something he says “brought tears to my eyes.” So that’s the angle at which he’s approaching things. But he makes a very good point. Here is the body of the e-mail, the root of the problem:

I was appalled when leaving Minnesota, in the airport, I wanted to purchase some Vikings trinkets for some Viking fans out here in Colorado. I walked into the [store] and there was a huge sign with two huge displays of Packer stuff and a sign stating that this was “Minnesota’s other home team.” I was so disgusted that I had to get out of there. There were other Viking fans in there also that were disgusted by the sign. I wrote a complaint card at the airport and sent it, and in there I wrote at the end they need to replace that sign with one that says, “This Is Viking Country.” Please help me in returning Minnesota’s airport to solely support their team. Let the cheeseheads buy their crap in Wisconsin!!! If you can, please tell Brad Childress about this, because I know he doesn’t want Packer crap in his airport!!

While we’re assuming Childress has more pressing issues he’s working on — game-planning, headset adjustment, etc. — we thought we would at least do our best to get this injustice in front of the Vikings’ head coach. And while we have spared the offending store in question by removing its identifying name, said store knows what it has done. If a sternly worded comment card is not enough to cause this store to change the error of its ways, perhaps the good people of RandBall can weigh in with some “other” suggestions for how this transgression will be handled. For it is one thing for there to be Packers fans living here — they have a right to employment, housing and other civil liberties, won grudgingly in the landmark case of Favre v. Randle — this is not, in fact, their team’s second home.

Unscientific poll: 85 percent of the U.S. was pulling for Rocco Mediate yesterday. The other 15 percent are their bosses.

Fasola-link! Underwater hoc-key?

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