Stu’s Hunt Down: Spud Webb

Posted on June 19th, 2008 – 3:17 PM
By Michael Rand

spudd.jpgA note to the anxious: Your bobblehead images and links will be up next. For now, enjoy the dulcet tones of Stu:

Name: Spud Webb

Nickname: it would be better if Spud was short for “Spudwick,” but his given name is Anthony.

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: you remember that he played for the Wolves in 1996, right? And that we got him in the Christian Laettner trade, right? You didn’t? Yeah, me neither. (By all means, read the Laettner quotes from the NYDN link so you can despise him all over again. If smug were money, Chris Laettner would own the world.)

Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: he was to short what Manute Bol was to tall. Despite this, he made a career out of a sport that people had been telling him he couldn’t play since he was in high school. Most memorably, he won the Slam Dunk Contest in 1986.

Where He Is Now: his website says that he’s available for motivational speaking engagements. To book him, call 1-888-883-SPUD. (Note: if you accidentally call 1-888-883-STUD, you’ll find the motivational speaking to be much more explicit, and you will need a credit card number.) In addition, the Beaufort Gazette had a nice Q-and-A with Spudwick last month.

Glorious Randomness: Spud Webb’s back-up at NC State? Vinny Del Negro. The more you know.

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