Fashion statement: tall black socks

Posted on June 27th, 2008 – 1:56 PM
By Michael Rand

socks.jpegWe might have a new favorite player out on the course: Sakura Yokomine. You’ll notice the Japanese golfer pictured while waiting to fire her approach shot on hole 9. She is rocking tall black socks and what appear to be tennis shoes (unconfirmed as to whether they are really tennis shoes). It’s normally a look reserved for the over-70 crowd, but we have to confess that we like to bust it out sometimes for pick-up basketball games and even for long runs. So more power to Yokomine (whose first name, Sakura, means “cherry blossom” in English). Some folks in the gallery, however, weren’t quite as impressed. A group of four watching on the eighth green wondered if she forgot her clothes. “She’s lucky she even has her clubs,” one quipped.

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