The Internets: Cannon-related injury?

Posted on August 19th, 2008 – 4:41 PM
By Michael Rand

cannon1.jpgNewbie asks this question: does U of Miami QB Cannon Smith’s leg problem count as a “cannon-related injury?”

*Frequent reader and former frequent commenter Smitty passes along information for all you BMX Bike lovers out there: if you want to watch the Olympic BMX finals on Wednesday (and aren’t participating in the RandBall Fantasy Football Draft), you can check out this site for more information on a local destination.

*Will Leitch: the anti-Sports Guy. HT: HHR.

*Cutest commercial ever, says Don S., for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

*Ernest Borgnine’s secret for aging well (if you haven’t seen it already, from Tuna Can).

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