COW: Clarence Swamptown and The Walls

Posted on October 27th, 2008 – 2:30 PM
By Michael Rand

green-bay-packers-womens-auxillary-potluck.JPGMost people would probably agree this was worth the wait. Art provided by Clarence, probably from his recent trip to central Minnesota. Sir?

I was 13 years old when the Berlin Wall fell. It symbolized the collapse of the “Iron Curtain,” a victory in the fight against communism. I was 32 years old when the Williams Wall fell. This collapse is much more important than some stupid curtain. These allegations are a significant victory in the NFL’s long term fight against the Vikings winning the Super Bowl.

I have been humming the Scorpion’s “Wind of Change” all day. How can I describe the Scorpions to the younger RandBallers? They were basically an ’80s German rock band that sucked. They were Tokio Hotel before there was a Tokio Hotel. They had 2 hits: “Rock You Like a Hurricane” (which Joker has awesomely programmed to automatically play when motion is detected near his waterbed), and “Wind of Change”, a tribute to the falling of the Berlin Wall and the crumbling communist bloc. Here is a link to the video.

Without E.J. Henderson, Kevin Williams, and Pat Williams — assuming the latter two are out and these allegations are, indeed, correct — the Vikings’ chances are slim. Their backups are not good enough to pick up the slack. So click on the video link, light up your sparklers, and sing along to this lame remake as an ode to what might have been:

(Vikings horn replaces whistling of the opening melody)

I follow 494
Down to Winter Park
Listening to the wind, of Fred Evans
A November fall night
Matt Forte running for 260
Blowing past the wind, of Fred Evans

(cue Vikings horn again)

The NFL is closing in
Did you ever think
Pat and Kevin could be so close, like brothers
Diuretics in their urine?
I can feel a 2009 top 10 draft pick
Blowing with the wind, of Fred Evans

Take me, to the magic of a blowout
On a glory night
Where Ryan Grant runs for 260
Bowling over the wind, of Fred Evans

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