COW: Muxhut solves our future stadium needs

Posted on October 28th, 2008 – 11:15 AM
By Michael Rand

complex.jpgIf every COW post was presented with MSPaint art, the world would be a better place. Muxhut, you have the floor:

The Minnesota Sporting Complex

This is not a COW about pessimistically cheering on a team that you are more comfortable seeing lose than win. This is a COW about sports stadiums.

Minnesotans are no stranger to the subject of sporting venue hype. Remember that crazy guy who owned the Vikings and kept threatening to move them to Texas (not even in America!) if we didn’t build a new stadium? At least Zygi Wilf, whom I admire and respect, would aim for LA or something, right? (Seriously, if this happens, just PLEASE not Texas. PLEASE.)

Anyway, so the Vikings want a new stadium. And the Twins, they have a new field en route. And the Wild, who play the puck, their arena is glorious and there is much rejoicing. And the Timberwolves, who may or may not play well, will be complaining for a new venue within, I’d estimate, 2 weeks of their next .500 season.

So here’s what I think we should be aiming for: one massive sporting venue, all 4 stadia / arenia / fieldia / parks under one (retractable) roof. Baseball next to football next to hockey next to basketball next to baseball. (Okay, so only 1/2 the roof would be retractable.)

Think “Mall of America” but for guys. Think of the burger joints / sports stores / bars / casinos that would occupy the concourses dividing those 4 arenas — they would always be in season, always be open and busy. Think of the children. Children you will be leaving at home so you can watch one or more professional sports teams.

The Target Center area will soon have 2 of the 4 venues. Someone should start buying up space around that area, and in 20 years …

– when the Vikings have finally earned a stadium …
- when the Twins are sick of their 18 year old stadium …
- when the Timberwolves are closing in on a winning season …
- when the Wild finally figures out that 9/10ths of their fanbase lives on the other side of the river …

… we’ll be ready to build.

So, any thoughts on sporting venues? Any crazy MN-sports related ideas? Any idea who’d pay for this one?

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