COW: Rocket steals our pop culture time capsule, compares a Mason Jennings concert to a sporting event

Posted on November 3rd, 2008 – 1:12 PM
By Michael Rand

mason.JPGRocket, who has been an old man since age 26, wants all you kids off his lawn. He also would look a little like Mason Jennings (pictured, awesome) if he ever got a perm and learned to play guitar. Here is Rocket’s Commenter Of the Week post:

Last night I saw Mason Jennings in Fargo. I have now seen Mason several times in concert, and they’ve all been great (as a side note, I will never forget a concert at First Avenue when Mason ended the show with a blistering version of “Bulls on Parade”).

Unfortunately, I have developed the same opinion of live music that I have of sports: Too often the crowd diminishes the experience. I have come to terms with the fact that there are idiots who are going to spend the concert talking with their clique of slow-witted butterflies; like I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are knuckle-draggers who need to be too drunk to watch the game by the fourth quarter/eighth inning/third period.

But last night was different. There was some jackaninny who bellowed, “You da man, Mason!” Others were making fun of some of his lyrics. I don’t have any special insight into Mason Jennings’ mind just because I am a fan of his music. But it was clear that he heard the ridiculousness (thanks to a criminally small crowd), and it seemed like he wasn’t enjoying the process.

This got me to thinking about expectations. When did we decide that a ticket was a license to act like a [redacted]? And, at what point is it no longer worth it? Last night it seemed like Mason was a little disgusted. I would be sad if he stops touring. I imagine it’s much the same for athletes. Athletes aren’t saints, but in what other job are you going to have people writing whatever they want about you on blogs, saying whatever they want about you on talk radio, booing you while you are in the middle of your job, and who are going to get mad if you don’t call them as “the best fans in the world”?

I sincerely think that the expectations of fans have grown as ridiculous and out of control as the salaries of players and the demands upon communities of the owners.

RandBallers, what say you?

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