Friday venting: The all-time Mount Rushmore of Minnesota sports fan venom

Posted on December 12th, 2008 – 11:44 AM
By Michael Rand

herschel.jpgLa Velle E. Neal III, who is probably skipping down the street like a schoolgirl today after his Bears defeated the Saints in OT last night, opened up his piece on Nick Punto today with this bit of whimsy: If there was a Mount Rushmore of vilified Twin Cities sports figures, it probably would include these men: the Wolves’ Kevin McHale, the Vikings’ Tarvaris Jackson, the Wild’s Martin Skoula and the Twins’ Nick Punto.

Now, obviously this was just a list of active members of the sports scene because if a person was inclined to compile an all-time list of the four most frequent and intense targets of venom in Minnesota sports history, it would have to be much different. Maybe McHale would stay, but we can’t imagine any of the others fit into the all-time category. And that’s where you come in. Let’s carve a mountain. Four local sports figures. Zero love. We should be able to come to some sort of consensus, or at least a working list of 10 from which to vote. We’ll leave this open for a while and see where it gets us. Why? Because that’s what we do in December to forget about the cold.

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