TFD: Feeding the Evil Empire, vote for COW

Posted on December 12th, 2008 – 4:44 PM
By Michael Rand

evil.jpgWell, it looks like the Yankees are going to add A.J. Burnett to their roster for a cool $82.5 million over five years. So that’s about $40 million a year committed to CC Sabathia and Burnett for the next five years (plus a couple more years of CC after that). So yeah, put that in your recession pipe and smoke it, along with that tobacco you have cut with newspaper shavings in order to make it last a little longer. Oh, and they might sign Andy Pettitte as well. Time to put on the hate pants! (Doesn’t everyone have hate pants)? As for us, we’ll be heading over soon to watch a 4-17 basketball team.

We would ask just one favor in the mean time: vote for Commenter Of the Week. It’s been a truly outstanding week, with fine performances from the usual suspects and new folks joining the fold with some nice musings as well. We would encourage you to vote for Rocket, but we don’t want him to use his power to tell the story of that one time with the yak, the Romanian ice dancing team and the “experimental surgery.” So do what you will.

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