The Internets: LeBron, Festivus and Gambling

Posted on December 12th, 2008 – 3:33 PM
By Michael Rand

burn.jpg*I have a gambling problem? I have a gambling problem? Sorry, just a slight variation on the opening scene from “Burn After Reading.” Did we mention it’s the most quotable movie since Anchorman? Yeah, you heard that right. Anyway, yes, sir, you have a gambling problem. And just because you lost $37 million doesn’t mean it was the casino’s fault. But don’t let that stop you from filing that lawsuit. (Matt Millen clicks link furiously, imagines a sympathetic court that would rule against the NFL for “making” him draft so many wide receivers).

*Hugging Harold Reynolds offers a petition to end LeBron James petitions.

*Festivus. It’s for the rest of us. Or, if you live in Washington state, it’s for everyone.

*And finally, we have tallied the comments from the Mount Rushmore post, and it seems as though these are your finalists for four spots based on the criteria:

Norm Green
Les Steckel
Stephon Marbury
Clem Haskins
Lou Holtz
Kevin McHale
Herschel Walker
Carl Pohlad
Mike Lynn

Vote for your top 4 in the comments this time, and we’ll hammer this out.

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