A vote for Molly Oberstar is a vote for full lips, long legs

Posted on January 20th, 2009 – 12:52 PM
By Michael Rand

oberstar.jpgColleague Rachel Blount passes along a tip about Molly Oberstar, a Duluth native and one of three Minnesota women competing in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. In the course of her column about local skaters, she had no room for this tidbit: Oberstar has entered Mpls. St. Paul Mag’s “Real Model” contest and is one of 12 women up for vote right now. Rachel thought that might be of some interest to RandBall readers; we agreed. Now, obviously Oberstar is interested in far more than just being really, really, really ridiculously good looking. As Blount notes, Oberstar is a back-to-back skating champion at the senior women’s event at the Midwestern Sectionals. But she also doesn’t seem to be particularly shy about promoting her other talents. Per her entry on the contest page (photo via that page as well):

I have physical attributes that would qualify me to be a real model. I am 5-feet-8-inches tall with a slender build that is toned by fifteen years of competing in the sport of figure skating. My eyes are large, my lips full, my legs long. Many have told me that I should be a model. Some have even told me that I have an exotic, European look. Beyond appearances, I have a natural affinity for expression. Figure skating has trained my body to move in myriad ways—from graceful to athletic—and my face to portray a wide range of emotions.

[Undoes necktie*. Unbottons top button of shirt**. Wonders who turned up the thermostat***].

*Necktie? Wearing pants is dressing up.
**Shows what you know. This is a fake tuxedo T-shirt, suckers.
***Nobody would ever do that here. Put on a sweater! It’s a recession!

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