TFD: Timberwolves game recap

Posted on January 29th, 2009 – 5:24 PM
By Michael Rand

miller.JPGAlmost 24 hours later, here is your belated and condensed recap of last night’s Wolves loss to Detroit.

*Three-Man Weave (our nickname for Mike Miller, courtesy of Applecherry), played 36 minutes and attempted five shots. When M.C. Creme Fraiche got up for an abrupt nacho run in the fourth quarter, we filled him in on what he missed thusly: “you’re not going to believe this, but while you were gone Mike Miller caught a pass outside the three-point line, ball-faked, then dribbled into traffic.” He has played a combined 99 minutes in the past three games and scored a total of 13 points while attempting 11 field goals. Yes, a sharpshooter is taking one shot every nine minutes lately. While that perhaps compares favorably to Rashad McCants’ habit of taking one shot every nine seconds, it’s still frustrating. There were plenty of rumblings from a mouthy Section 203 regarding Miller, and it wasn’t from us.

*MC’s concern over the Wolves’ ability to finish off the Pistons proved to be prescient.

*Sebastian Telfair’s injury/foul troubles in the last two games have underscored the frightening lack of depth at point guard. He only played 20 minutes against the Pistons (and earned five fouls), and his lack of availability in the second half made the offense look like it was back in Wittman-ball. Perhaps finding a speedy youngster or veteran to play 10-15 minutes a game on a 10-day contract or two might be in order until Kevin Ollie can return. Either that or Three Man Weave can keep spinning his way up the court. Your choice.

*Kevin Love looked great with a 17 and 10 night, but he was strangely a minus-15 on the night in 26 minutes. Most of that came late when the Wolves fell apart.

*Hot dogs consumed: 2. Dollars spent: 2. We love Wednesday games.

*McCants got into the game … as one of the three featured players in Roughkat’s favorite promotion, the UPS truck race. Sadly, Shaddy finished behind Telfair.

*Gratuitous joke favored by MC Creme Fraiche: “I love Randy Foye’s game, but sometimes it seems like his heart’s in the wrong place.” It’s true! (Note: we don’t wish to make light of his condition; if it pleases the court, we will go back to the standard Wally Szczerbiak/promotions guy lookalike joke at the vast majority of home games).

*Roughkat has Friday’s tilt. No. 2 overall pick, Wolves vs. Lakers. This is the big-time.

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