Wolves recap: Brandon ushers in a new era, yawns

Posted on February 11th, 2009 – 1:16 PM
By Michael Rand

wolvesgame.jpgTake it away, Brandon!

Wolves! Raptors! Tuesday night! In February! Both stars injured! What a game!

Al Jefferson … who needs him?

Sadly, the answer is “everyone,” which I learned the hard way last night. There’ve been minor grumblings from the fan base that perhaps Jefferson was more suited as a second fiddle; that his lack of passing and defensive disinterest perhaps led to great stats but minimal victories. A Shareef Abdur-Rahim for a new generation, if you will. Well, after witnessing one game without him, I can confidently declare: no.

After a delightful dinner of an appetizer sampler and beers, my pal and I entered the Target Center to find it nowhere near half capacity. Worst crowd all season, hands down. New coach and competitive squad be damned; turns out the fans just wanted to see Big Al banging down low.

On the bright side, my man-date and I were able to snag posh seats in the lower deck (Proprietor note: now with 40 percent more bald!), where we were treated to such delights as Brian Cardinal bricking treys, Rodney Carney chucking airballs and an entire defensive unit stopping to admire the sight of Jermaine O’Neal tap-dancing around an overmatched Kevin Love in the paint for another easy bunny. (Closed-circuit to Wolves: help him out, fellas, he’s out of his element.)

All in all, the game was about as exciting as you’d expect. Love and Foye both had nice offensive games, but the Wolves boringly blew a third-quarter lead to lose to boring Toronto in front of roughly 35 bored fans. Sad.

Al Jefferson: get well soon. We are nothing without you.

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