Updates: Play4Brew vs. Cardinal, Molly Oberstar

Posted on April 28th, 2009 – 11:13 AM
By Michael Rand

oberstar.jpgIn the RandBall Twitter challenge, Gophers head football coach Tim Brewster is now 30 followers ahead of nine-year Purdue standout Brian Cardinal, now with the Timberwolves. The RB challenge started with Cardinal at 774 followers and Brewster at 771. They are now locked in a mortal struggle to reach 1,500 first, and Brewster is forging ahead the fastest with a 955-925 lead. The contest has drawn interest from both parties — neither of whom was present or even notified when it started. Brewster appears to have more horses in the race at this point, as he has not only Tweeted about it (as Cardinal did) but has also made mention on his official blog. Remember, the winner gets a RandBall t-shirt. Loser gets two RandBall t-shirts! (Rimshot). OK, not really. But the winner does get a RandBall shirt. Just so we’re clear.

*Also, remember a few months back when we brought you the modest story of a young local figure skater trying to find her way in Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Real Model contest? It was grabbed by quite a few other blogs, including Deadspin (22K views). And, well, we were flipping through the latest issue last night (yeah, we subscribe) and we discovered that Molly Oberstar won the whole thing. We don’t have the vote tallies in front of us, but we believe she had more than 10,000 and easily topped the competition. If our initial post somehow helped the campaign, well … we don’t know what. But congrats to Molly, up to and including her full lips and long legs. The above link includes behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot that appeared in this month’s issue.

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