Twitter continues to take over your sporting life

Posted on April 29th, 2009 – 11:27 AM
By Michael Rand

courier.JPGAs Twitter continues to infiltrate your daily life — we’ve heard there’s a new serum in R&D that will inject Tweets directly into your bloodstream — here are two sports-related Twitter items:

1) Friday is “FS North Twitter Day.” What does that mean exactly? Well … here’s what the press release says:

We’re giving our Twitter followers an inside look at our preparation before, during and after a live Twins broadcast. All of our producers, reporters, play-by-play and analysts will be “tweeting” throughout the day. (Dick, Bert, Coomer, Robby, executive producer, coordinating producer, pregame producer & game producers)

There are several Tweets planned throughout the day. And possibly some unplanned ones?

Blyleven @ LaPanta: Gotta do [redacted] thing over. [Redacted] up. Oh live? Not know that.

2) Tennis player Jim Courier will be Tweeting during an exhibition match against John McEnroe on Saturday.

Something like this? @McEnroe Abt to hit smash. Point!
Well, not exactly. Apparently he’ll only be doing it during breaks.

My match with John is not a sanctioned match and not part of the Outback Champions Series circuit so this allows me to have some fun with Twitter,” said Courier. “I will be tweeting my thoughts on changeovers but won’t be answering any questions until after the match is concluded. It should be fun experimenting with this and I’m looking forward to the feedback that the Tweeters will no doubt provide.”

So yeah, the main point is that it’s only going to get worse. So brace yourself. It’s no longer OK to just watch the game and enjoy it.

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