Monday (RandBall feud) edition: Wha’ Happened?

Posted on May 4th, 2009 – 8:47 AM
By Michael Rand

rbfeud1.jpgIt was a glorious weekend, wasn’t it? We had a mini-RandBall reunion Saturday with events related to Roughkat’s impending marriage. He was there, of course. Super Rookie was there. Muxhut was there. Stu even made a brief appearance, an hour-or-so span during which we attempted a gratuitous comedic one-upsmanship at the expense of backyard revelers playing “cornhole.” But now it’s back to reality … which isn’t so bad, either. Top 4 answers are on the board for the Rand Ball Feud, with scoring 40-30-20-10 as usual. We are still looking for that elusive 200 score, just like Gary Coleman.

1) Knowing what we know about the Twins and their division, what is the likelihood, within 10 percent, that they will win the AL Central this season?

2) How many victories, within 3, will the AL Central champ have?

3) Given that noted Brett Favre-aholic Peter King wrote this today: “I am told he may be feeling the urge to play again,” what is the revised likelihood, within 10 percent, that Favre plays for the Vikings this season?

4) How many games will that Penguins/Capitals series go?

5) How much more, within 5 percent, do you expect to dislike A-Rod after this week is over?

Fasola-link! How to cheat at everything.

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