TFD: Fasolamatt demands that you read thousands of Malcolm Gladwell’s words

Posted on May 4th, 2009 – 5:22 PM
By Michael Rand

wolf.jpegAs we end this non-stop, full-court press of a day — we’ll have a fun story in tomorrow’s paper — we leave you with a link shared by Fasolamatt involving one of our favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell. In a piece dated May 11 — he’s so good, he writes in the future! — Gladwell argues that an endless full-court press is the best way for David to beat Goliath. He wonders why more teams don’t do it.

Our guess: teams are lazy.

Go enjoy the sunshine. We got out this morning for a run and discovered that TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” is a stunningly excellent song for pounding the pavement. (Hence, you know, the image). Sassbottom led us to this site, and we’re probably addicted now. You can listen to that very song right there, courtesy of our mad spinning.

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot the Feud answers:

1) 31-40; 21-30; 41-50; 11-20

2) 85-87; 88-90; 84-86; 91-93

3) 51-60; 61-70; 41-50; 31-40

4) 6; 7; 5; 4

5) 21-25; 26-30; 31-35; 16-20

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