As the Favre turns: reported deadline makes no sense

Posted on June 8th, 2009 – 11:43 AM
By Michael Rand

favre-sports-illustrated.jpgA few of you might have noticed that the Brett Favre story has taken a couple new twists and turns. First, Favre has apparently had the surgery to clear up his biceps tendon injury — paving the way for him to come back and play for the Vikings should it heal properly. Second, the newest development is an report saying the Vikings and coach Brad Childress have given Favre a deadline of this week to make up his mind about a comeback.

Now, we hardly doubt he had the surgery. And we hardly doubt that his arm is still not 100 percent. What we wonder is the timing of this supposed deadline. While on the one hand we have written about the awkward nature of the QB situation as it stands, we have to wonder at this point why Childress would say “now or never” to Favre. The QB clearly wants to come back. The Vikings clearly want him. Why, when Favre is starting to make preparations for a comeback but still isn’t healed, would Childress say that? While we would love a resolution to this dragged out story just as much as the next person, we also think the best resolution is one that ends with a healthy Favre in purple. The Vikings are far enough down the road with this thing that demanding an answer now does them no good. A July 15 deadline, or something like that, would make far more sense. You need to know to get ready for training camp. But you don’t need to know now.

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