The big question: Who will win Miss Beer Cart 2009?

Posted on July 6th, 2009 – 11:09 AM
By Michael Rand

beercart.jpgWe’re not entirely sure if Miss Beer Cart is an event unique to Wisconsin, but we are pretty sure it is. Wait, did we say Miss Beer Cart? Yes we did. And what exactly is it? Well, let’s go to the official web site for guidance (our bold, as usual):

The Miss Beer Cart Pageant is a competition designed to find the Best Beer Cart Driver in the State of Wisconsin. Drivers are nominated to compete in the competition. Once entered, drivers compete against one another in different events that involve speed and neatness on the beer cart, driving tests that include speed, agility and accuracy and also a question and answer session with our selected judges. Before the event begins, a long drive competition is held between the beer cart drivers. This is done on an amphitheater like setting on the first tee. Once the event begins, each driver gets her turn on the beverage cart. Votes are tallied during dinner based upon pre-round competitions, long drive challenge and service during the event. The day’s work is capped with the presentation of Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin.

That image? That’s a thumbnail of Brittany, a beverage cart worker from Ironwood Golf Course. She entered in 2008. Why did we pick her? That’s just how we are.

But how are the contestants picked? There must be some sort of weeding out process, no? Ah, thanks to Stensation and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, we know that NEXT WEEK will be that very thing.

Speed cart stocking and Bloody Mary mixing will be among the skills on display July 14 in the preliminaries for the 2009 Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin Pageant Tournament. The preliminaries will be held at McGillycuddy’s Bar & Grill, 1135 N. Water St. The event will be open to the public (must be 21 to attend). Contestants from throughout the state will compete to become finalists in the Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin Pageant Tournament.

And that tournament? It’s Aug. 7 at Scenic View Country Club in Slinger, Wis., which is a little northwest of Milwaukee. $99 gets you 18 holes of golf and a cart, lunch and dinner as well as a fascinating time machine back to 1959, where women were judged solely on their ability to look good and perform tasks for men. Whee! (Also known as: Wisconsin subculture). We are now accepting guest post applications.

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