David Kahn will eventually turn one red paperclip into a house, or a least a solid rotation player

Posted on July 27th, 2009 – 1:50 PM
By Michael Rand

In their quest to not only rid themselves of players from the Kevin McHale era but also to assemble a roster full of players that was not even in Minnesota at the start of June, the Wolves traded Etan Thomas and two second-round picks to the OKC City Thunder for Chucky Atkins and Damien Wilkins.

No major analysis is needed: All three players are in the final year of their deals, and the money matches up pretty well. Atkins and Wilkins are guards, which Minnesota needs; Thomas is a big-man, which OKC needs. Then again, Atkins and/or Wilkins could be swapped again as David Kahn continues to take small pieces and attempts to shine them up in exchange for slightly better pieces.

Or, if you prefer the analogy from the headline, Kahn wants to be like the guy who started with one red paperclip and ended up with a house. Some day, Etan Thomas will be LeBron James. Or at least Eddie House.

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