Fantasy football team name draft

Posted on August 14th, 2009 – 11:10 AM
By Michael Rand

bacon.jpgWe’ll be heading out to Chaska soon, so we wanted a subject that could sustain throughout out the afternoon while we sweat like a [redacted] in church out on the course.

That subject, clearly, is fantasy football team names.

Everyone wants to be the most clever. But only some succeed. While talking to a friend of the RandBall Better Half last night, she misunderstood something we said and asked if we had said, “Victory Bacon.”

We said that wasn’t what we had said. But we also said that sounded like a splendid fantasy football team name for the RandBall League.

So: Let’s hear your best new fantasy football team names. Also: those in the RandBall (and RandBall Lite) leagues: when are we drafting and where? Roughkat is on the clock to solve this thing.

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