Weekend links with Jon Marthaler

Posted on August 15th, 2009 – 12:17 PM
By Michael Rand

tigerrandball.jpgJon Marthaler makes every Saturday even more pleasurable with links for some leisurely weekend reading. Other times, you can find him here and here.

A quick note before we get on with the links: RandBall will be moving over to a new server, probably on Monday. The look of the home page will be quite a bit different, and the logo is going to change as well. Thankfully — unless you disagree, and really why would you be here if you disagreed? — the content will be the same. We’ll put up a final post at this address when the conversion is final. Also: thanks to Sassbottom for passing along that screen grab from Friday’s PGA TV action. Subject of his e-mail: “Are you checking out his [redacted].” Stay classy, Sass.

Now, on with the links!


Happy Saturday – and a fine Saturday it is. (If it’s not, where you are, then pretend. We’re all in this together, donchaknow.)

I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but today happens to be a rather auspicious Saturday; by the time you read this, the Premier League will have kicked off, and English soccer will be well and truly underway for another year. In honor of this, how about a soccer link: Why Patriots owner Bob Kraft refuses to buy Liverpool FC. You might be saying to yourself, “Boy, I’d sure be more likely to read that article if the lede involved Mike Lynn and Herschel Walker!” I can report, with some glee: it does, friends. It sure does.

On with the rest of the links (which have a distinct Twin flavor this week):

*Frustrated about the Twins? Well, it turns out that one Twins franchise – the Elizabethton Twins of the rookie-level Appalachian League – are pretty much a dynasty. I don’t know how we’ll blame Bill Smith for this, but I imagine that we’ll find a way. (Hat tip to Tenth Inning Stretch for that link.)

*In Circle Me Bert news: there’s no way this young lady isn’t off to St. Cloud State this fall.

*Seth Stohs has a Q&A with Twins minor league reliever Anthony Slama, who’s the current hot Twins prospect that’s making everyone excited. For more information, see pretty much any Twins blog, or just ask commenter Brandon.

*Jesse Lund at Twinkie Town throws down with a whole bushelful of numbers to make one point: Carlos Gomez might have the biggest range of any center fielder in the game. Now, if the Twins could teach him to hit the cutoff man … or hit…

That’ll do it for another week. If nothing up there looked interesting, try one of the following two links, from roughkat: an article about bacon-flavored beer, or directions on how to build an air hockey table.

Enjoy the weekend … and let’s go Arsenal!

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