Cannon-related injuries

The Internets: Cannon-related injury?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

cannon1.jpgNewbie asks this question: does U of Miami QB Cannon Smith’s leg problem count as a “cannon-related injury?”

*Frequent reader and former frequent commenter Smitty passes along information for all you BMX Bike lovers out there: if you want to watch the Olympic BMX finals on Wednesday (and aren’t participating in the RandBall Fantasy Football Draft), you can check out this site for more information on a local destination.

*Will Leitch: the anti-Sports Guy. HT: HHR.

*Cutest commercial ever, says Don S., for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

*Ernest Borgnine’s secret for aging well (if you haven’t seen it already, from Tuna Can).

The Friscalating Dusklight: A cannon-related injury

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

cannon.jpgKnow how you can tell Newbie is new? Well, he was checking through our “categories,” which we used for a brief and wonderful period more than a year ago. He came upon the “Cannon-related injuries” tag and decided to do some investigating as to whether there have been any recent updates. He found a story from last October, which doesn’t count as “breaking news” but does definitely fit the realm of a cannon-related injury. We particularly enjoyed the parts of the story that we put in bold type:

A Riley County teenager (was) life-flighted to a burn-unit in Wichita last night because of injuries received from a homemade cannon. The incident happened in Ogden, Kansas, a town with fewer than one thousand people.

Ogden is just west of Manhattan, bordering Fort Riley. Last night, just north of the city, 17 year-old Jacob Henkel received burns from an unintentional discharge of the homemade cannon.

Officials say it happened in the 2800 block of Mallon Road. This street runs along the Ft. Riley fence and is heavily-wooded. Homes are few and far between.

A convenience-store clerk on the main street of Ogden said the sound of explosions is nothing out of the ordinary.

“Here in town you know if something blows up,” James Britt said. “It’s no big deal because we’re so used to Ft. Riley blowing stuff up, most people probably wouldn’t even notice that anything happened like that.”

He also said many emergency vehicles responded to the incident, including a helicopter that flew Henkel to Via Christi Regional Medical Center in Wichita with burns to his body.

The hospital said he is in good condition.

Moral of the story (a recurring theme in stories with this tag): do not fire cannons.

File another one under “Cannon-related injuries”

Monday, February 26th, 2007

cannon.jpgOK, so we got a little tip from The Feed, which is kind enough to pass along its best work. It’s an interesting story in its own right, but we have to admit: The reason we’re posting it is a little selfish: We created the “cannon-related injuries” category a while back thinking that this story would be the only one we would ever post. Then The Feed showed up today with this:

I was reading some dispatches from the NFL scouting combine and saw a name that I wasn’t familiar with atop the list of fastest throw from a quarterback. I also got an email about Chris Leak scoring poorly on the Wonderlic test and it made reference to the same name. Toby Korrodi of Central Missouri threw the ball at 63 mph, according to the Newark Star-Ledger’s notes, so I decided to dig a bit deeper to find out if Korrodi is destined to be the next Johnny Unitas.
Not surprisingly the Kansas City Star comes up first when you consult Senor Google. Randy Covitz has done a great job of profiling the local long shot. Korrodi’s story helps, right from the start you’ve got yourself a helluva hook.
Korrodi, 23, is a father of three whose wife survived a horrific cannon accident on a football field three years ago.

This post isn’t schadenfreude because she survived, right? (And by the way, that picture just randomly came up with a Google Image search of “cannon.” But we did a little more searching and came across the band’s web site. Why don’t you go and do a little exploring and get back to us on that one).

They love cannons more than anything else

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

That seems to be the gist of this rather disturbing story from the Seattle P-I (dug out by The upshot (pun intended): Boy fires cannon at football game; boy hurt by cannon; citizens angry at boy because his cannon-related injury might prevent further cannon firings; very little consideration given to maybe, you know, not firing cannons.