RandBall Feud

Tuesday (RandBall Feud) edition: Wha’ Happened?

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

randballfeud.jpgWe’re playing the Feud. Now with Tags! (We’ll go back and tag all the old ones soon). Top four answers on the board. Scoring 40-30-20-10. Five questions, as always. Still looking for that coveted first perfect 200 score. Here we go:

1) Which player from this list of 250+ home run hitters this decade would you be most surprised to see implicated in a performance-enhancing drug scandal (note: many players on the list are already implicated. Do not pick them).

2) Cleveland has two sweeps so far in the NBA playoffs. How many games will the Cavs lose this postseason?

3) On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most awkward, how awkward do you think it was for Mark Wilf to have to talk about Brett Favre yesterday?

4) Within 5 percent, what percentage of ceremonial first pitches are not completely embarrassing?

5) Off-topic: On a scale of 1-10, how much does Kyra Sedgwick look like Steven Tyler?

Fasola-link! The romance of teams traveling by train.

Monday (RandBall Feud) edition: Wha’ Happened?

Monday, May 11th, 2009

feud.jpgTop four answers on the board. You know the drill.

1) How many more times this season will Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau hit back-to-back home runs?

2) On a scale of 1-10, what is your overall confidence level in Twins relievers not named Joe Nathan?

3) Given the back-and-forth of late last week, what is the percent chance now, within 10 percent, that Brett Favre signs with the Vikings?

4) Which NBA team will win it all?

5) Which NHL team will win it all?

Fasola-link! Which nation sleeps the most? (Gopher Nation?!?!)

TFD: Fasolamatt demands that you read thousands of Malcolm Gladwell’s words

Monday, May 4th, 2009

wolf.jpegAs we end this non-stop, full-court press of a day — we’ll have a fun story in tomorrow’s paper — we leave you with a link shared by Fasolamatt involving one of our favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell. In a piece dated May 11 — he’s so good, he writes in the future! — Gladwell argues that an endless full-court press is the best way for David to beat Goliath. He wonders why more teams don’t do it.

Our guess: teams are lazy.

Go enjoy the sunshine. We got out this morning for a run and discovered that TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” is a stunningly excellent song for pounding the pavement. (Hence, you know, the image). Sassbottom led us to this site, and we’re probably addicted now. You can listen to that very song right there, courtesy of our mad spinning.

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot the Feud answers:

1) 31-40; 21-30; 41-50; 11-20

2) 85-87; 88-90; 84-86; 91-93

3) 51-60; 61-70; 41-50; 31-40

4) 6; 7; 5; 4

5) 21-25; 26-30; 31-35; 16-20

Monday (RandBall feud) edition: Wha’ Happened?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

rbfeud1.jpgIt was a glorious weekend, wasn’t it? We had a mini-RandBall reunion Saturday with events related to Roughkat’s impending marriage. He was there, of course. Super Rookie was there. Muxhut was there. Stu even made a brief appearance, an hour-or-so span during which we attempted a gratuitous comedic one-upsmanship at the expense of backyard revelers playing “cornhole.” But now it’s back to reality … which isn’t so bad, either. Top 4 answers are on the board for the Rand Ball Feud, with scoring 40-30-20-10 as usual. We are still looking for that elusive 200 score, just like Gary Coleman.

1) Knowing what we know about the Twins and their division, what is the likelihood, within 10 percent, that they will win the AL Central this season?

2) How many victories, within 3, will the AL Central champ have?

3) Given that noted Brett Favre-aholic Peter King wrote this today: “I am told he may be feeling the urge to play again,” what is the revised likelihood, within 10 percent, that Favre plays for the Vikings this season?

4) How many games will that Penguins/Capitals series go?

5) How much more, within 5 percent, do you expect to dislike A-Rod after this week is over?

Fasola-link! How to cheat at everything.

Friday (RandBall Feud) edition: Wha’ Happened?

Friday, May 1st, 2009

rbfeud.jpgAs always, top four answers on the board. Scoring goes 40-30-20-10, with a 200 being a perfect score. (By the way, our favorite thing in the world growing up was during the real Family Feud, when Ray Combs was the host, and it was the big bonus round at the end where they brought two people on and they had to reach 200 points combined to win the huge money. Every once in a great while, the first person would top the 200-point threshold on their own, and the whole family — minus person number two — would go nuts. Then Ray Combs would shush everyone, bring out the other person, tell them they needed an insane number of points to win, and then ask them completely wacky/bogus questions before finally relenting. We rooted for that to happen every single time. We think we saw it happen twice). Oh, and if you are interested in the post-Feud life for Ray Combs … well, let’s just say things took a turn for the worse. On that note, we’re playing the Feud!

1) Within 10 percent, how likely is it that the Bulls will pull out a Game 7 victory in Boston?

2) There are 140 games left in the Twins’ season. How many, within 10, will Joe Mauer catch?

3) The Gophers football team has landed a home-and-home series with Texas. Within 10 percent, what percentage of fans — perhaps even some of the same ones who ripped the team for having a soft schedule — will now complain that Tim Brewster has fashioned too tough of a non-conference schedule?

4) What is the percent likelihood, within 5 percent, that we will ever know the complete story of Alex Rodriguez?

5) Scott Baker and Francisco Liriano are a combined 0-7 with a 7.33 ERA. How many combined victories, within three, will this highly regarded duo have at the end of the season?

Fasola-link! Wiener dog races.

P.S. Though the above image might seem key words from a couple of Joker’s stories, we have no reason to believe they aren’t actual Family Feud bonus round answers.