Mark McGwire, Tommy John in virtual tie

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

And so, the least dramatic story we can remember has come to a conclusion. Will Mark McGwire make the Hall of Fame? Of course not. And it wasn’t even close. Big Mac appeared on 128 ballots — a paltry 23.5 percent, not even one third of the 75 percent needed for election. He gained three more votes that Tommy John, a very nice pitcher and an even better surgery. Cal Ripken was left off of eight ballots, which is just plain silly. Tony Gwynn was left off of 13. They are the only two who made it. Goose Gossage (71.2 percent) wins the Cooperstown Price is Right award for the closest percentage without going over. All in all, exactly what people thought would happen. If you think McGwire is being treated shabbily, we’re willing to listen to your argument. But it better be good. Because you’re wrong.

A big day for fans of urinating-in-a-cup news

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Sad but true: There’s too much steroid news for us to keep up with. But news Wednesday that could negatively impact Barry Bonds caught our eye. An appeals court ruled that urine samples from ballplayers fromĀ 2003 can be used by federal investigators. Personally, we think all the evidence you need against Bonds is contained in the before picture and the after picture. Sure looks like something fishy was going on.