Stranger than fiction

The exciting new sport of bull-jumping (Reuters pic)

Monday, January 22nd, 2007


It’s like Fight Club with Jell-O

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

The women of New York have an answer for your daily blues: Jell-O wrestling! From a Reuters story: “By day Sandra Martinez works at a New York law firm, but by night she throws off her conservative image and becomes ‘Sandra Claws’ — an amateur female Jell-O wrestler. At a grungy live music bar on New York’s Lower East Side, she joined 11 other women to do battle — several for the first time — in a blue, blow-up kiddie pool decorated with orange fish and filled with warm, clear clumps of an unflavored version of the gelatin dessert. ‘It (lets us do) things we probably want to do to women sometimes that we dislike, but we have a forum where we can express it in a fun and safe way,’ said Martinez, a 27-year-old business development specialist.”

Martinez has clearly violated the first rule of Jell-O club, which is you don’t talk about Jell-O club. But hey, as a stress reliever, this seems to beat angrily swerving in and out of traffic. Or so I’m told.

Who will be the next Bengal to be arrested?

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

NFL commish Roger Goodell hopes it’s nobody. He called team president Mike Brown this week with an offer to help the Bengals solve their problems with the law: An astonishing eight Cin-city players have been arrested this season. Will there be a ninth? Well, we’re not about to lay odds, but we will say this: Quarterback Carson Palmer hosts something called the Cornhole Classic (cornhole is a popular bean bag toss game in Ohio. No, seriously.) Vikings fans should know how these little community events can turn out. On top of that, he’s apparently a fan of Kevin Federline’s music. So really, nothing involving Palmer would shock us.

Duke fans do not like North Carolina fans

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Thanks to for pointing us towards this tale of woe: North Carolina fans are not welcome in Krzyzewskiville, the absurd “tent city” in which seemingly smart Duke students live for weeks in hopes of getting good seats to basketball games. Yeah, the student senate passed some sort of law banning UNC students who attend some classes at Duke as part of a joint program from being a part of their big tent party. Those Dukies: Always hoarding the scary stories, marshmallows and early NCAA tournament exits.