The parking gods are still speaking

Posted on June 19th, 2007 – 6:10 AM
By Roadguy

Roadguy got an earful about police lights after Sunday’s post, so we’ll be revisiting that topic in coming days. Today, however, the parking gods have indicated through various means that they’d like us to talk about parking.

The first sign was this fine commentary in the Sunday paper — who knew a car sitting on the street for 72 hours could be considered abandoned?

The second sign also came over the weekend, when Roadguy got this e-mail from alert reader Morg:

Here is my contribution to the CrapCam archives of moron parking. The scene is Taco John’s in Rosemount, 7:30ish Friday evening, as viewed from nearby DQ drive-thru:


Note self-important imbecile in the Beemer spanning the two parking spots closest to the doors. As has been stated here by others, if you want to protect your precious paint job, I have no qualms with that. Take 3 spots if you like. Just do it in the outer reaches of the lot rather than the front door.

Indeed. We can only hope that the Beemer owner is reading right now and weeping with remorse.

The parking gods also sent a sign to Roadguy via the U.S. mail, for the envelope containing Roadguy’s most recent water bill included this two-sided insert:



As you may know, Roadguy gets very excited whenever he finds anything designed to get drivers to park better (you might recall the instructions on the Denver parking meters), so he was pleased to see this effort. It did seem to him, though, that the card had a fair amount of empty white space on the back — space that might have been used to remind people to park within a reasonable distance of the curb, or to keep an eye out for traffic cones, or to avoid any of the other transgressions we so often see. But with so many of our local drivers at such a remedial level, maybe one lesson at a time is best.

If you have thoughts on the abandoned-car commentary or the city of Minneapolis’ “Park Smart” effort, please share below.

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