Finders keepers if you’re a pedestrian?

Posted on March 19th, 2008 – 6:05 AM
By Roadguy

They say you see more when you walk instead of drive, and it’s true.


This is 29th Street, which alert reader Craig recently described as “insanely bad.” Indeed, it barely qualifies as paved.

On Sunday, Roadguy was walking along this stretch of bombed-out asphalt, and near the intersection with Aldrich, he spied something green amid all the broken gray: a 10-dollar bill.

I looked around, picked it up and contemplated my next move. Leave the money in the road in the hope that the owner might return for it? Put it back so another random person could have it, or so it could blow into a puddle and/or get run over?

As I ruminated, the friend I was with spied a one-dollar bill nearby. It was folded similarly, and it came with a clue: A receipt from Target.

The receipt had no name on it — the person had paid cash. The eleven bucks was probably his or her change.

It seemed weird to put the money back and weird to keep it, so the happy medium I decided on was to hang onto it and drop it at the local food shelf — unless it’s yours. Tell me what you bought on Saturday afternoon, and which Target you bought it at, and I’ll mail it off straight away.

If it’s not yours, spread the word far and wide on the World Wide Web — “Roadguy might have your $11.” And use the comments below to tell me what you would do (or have done) with things found on your trips around town.

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