Gas taxes: Ads at the pump? A federal holiday?

Posted on April 29th, 2008 – 6:05 AM
By Roadguy

Nothing is certain but death and gas taxes — and endless debates about gas taxes. John McCain and Hillary Clinton have been calling for a “gas tax holiday” this summer — motorists wouldn’t have to pay the 18.4 cents a gallon that the federal government collects for transportation funding (a McCain story from earlier this month is here, Clinton story here). Closer to home, Minnesota Republicans are running ads criticizing the recent increase in the state gas tax (Strib story here), although gas stations with video screens at the pump have refused to run the ads (PiPress story here).

You can put in your two cents’ worth below.

(Speaking of oil, the New York Times takes this look at how demand is staying ahead of supply, and probably will for some time. $7 a gallon by 2012, anyone?)

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