‘Who’s more annoying?’ — scenic highway version

Posted on June 12th, 2008 – 6:05 AM
By Roadguy

So, here’s a peeve of mine — the unnecessarily bunched-up pack of cars on a scenic rural road:


For a while, I was stuck between the first car and the second car. Car 2 was, as they say, crawling up my butt, apparently in the hope that doing so would somehow make Car 1 go faster. I was in a leisurely mode after a full day of work in Winona, so I opted to pull over and let Cars 2 and 3 get past me. That way, Car 2 could pointlessly but directly crawl up the butt of Car 1, and I could keep a safe following distance.

So, today’s quiz show topic is “Who’s More Annoying?” The contestants:

Car 1: A law-abiding citizen, this driver went at or below the speed limit for many miles on a curvy road with few or no spots to pass. Never engaged in risky behavior, never pulled over to allow faster vehicles to get past.

Car 2: Unwilling to accept his fate stuck behind Car 1, he apparently had no ability to learn, as the butt-crawling never worked, yet he persisted.

Car 3: A large vehicle with the longest stopping distance, it had nothing to gain by riding closely behind Car 2.

And, of course, all the bunching up didn’t get anyone to his/her destination faster — at the stoplight in Prescott, leisurely Roadguy ended up right behind the white truck.

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