Mailbag: What a difference a lane makes

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 – 9:23 AM
By Roadguy


I came back from vacation to face a new laptop, a new e-mail system and a new, more particular server for this blog, so the past few days have been all about catching up with the “upgrades.” To start emptying my mailbox, here’s a little something I received last week from my pal Andy, who finds himself in a new bottleneck on I-94:

Holy cow, my commute was a bear this morning. That’s what taking away one little lane on 94 can do, I guess. But who’d have thought –- a 15-20 minute drive would more than double? I left home at 8:40 and got to [work] around 9:25. (In media terms, I’m usually here as Marketplace Morning Report is ending; today I was well into the first hour of Midmorning!)

I’ve been hearing similar tales of unhappiness from other drivers, but bus commuters have a different view. If the lane shift affects you, please offer some thoughts below. (I, meanwhile, will be trying to get this blog’s photo function to work again — I’ve got transportation vacation pictures to share.)

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