A question for you: Torii Hunter and No. 42

Posted on April 13th, 2007 – 11:32 AM
By Howard

LaVelle reported this morning on the Torii Hunter dust-up over how many players, about 150 at last count, are planning to wear No. 42 on Sunday in honor of Jackie Robinson. Torii said that the number should be worn by only a select few, which was the idea when Ken Griffey Jr. originally proposed it, and that he has no problem with all of the players on the Dodgers — Robinson’s team — wearing No. 42.

Torii also said he was troubled that the Houston Astros, with no African-American on their roster, were one of the 5 teams going the 42-for-all route.

I’m with Torii on this one. The number should be worn sparingly and as an honor during Sunday’s observance of the 60th anniversary of baseball’s color barrier being broken. Somehow, seeing Brad Ausmus or Morgan Ensberg wearing the number cheapens the impact of the statement.

Garret Anderson of the Angels said he wouldn’t wear No. 42, telling USA Today: “I just don’t feel I’m worthy of it.”

Got thoughts?



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