Oh, the wondering about it all

Posted on May 3rd, 2007 – 10:10 PM
By Howard

Some things I’m pondering right now:question2.gif

*How badly was Michael Cuddyer hurt in his (now not very funny) forward roll on the top of his batting helmet the other night? JoeC reported that x-rays were negative, but a bad bruise in the middle of the clean-up hitter’s back doesn’t bode well for power nor for mobility in the outfield. If this continues much longer, I’m wondering if Gardy will see if Torii can conquer his batting-cleanup phobia.

*How much faith have Gardy and Rick Anderson lost in Dennys Reyes? Was anyone else surprised not to see him to get a shot at the left-batting Carlos Pena in the bottom of the eighth? I was thinking that before Pena took Jesse Crain to the catwalk, I promise. Of course, yielding 21 baserunners in 7 2/3 innings isn’t quite trust-inspiring. I get a tad suspicious when a guy doesn’t pitch for a week and then it gets mentioned that he’s sore. (You think D-Rays closer Al Reyes was disgusted when they flashed D-Reyes’ stats on TV by mistake when A-Reyes came in to pitch?) Yo, Terry Ryan. How’s Venafro looking at Rochester? Scoreless reyes.jpgin his last seven appearances? That’s good!

*And what’s up with Juan Rincon’s elbow? He would have pitched after Joe Nathan in the 10th on Wednesday if he’d been healthy

*At the end of the season, will it be written that an early indication of the Twins’ troubles was that they dropped the season series to Tampa four games to three? Or will it be written that they won 95 games despite losing a season series to, of all teams, the Devil Rays?

*The Rays are tied for second in the AL East. If that keeps up, will the sun rise in the areyes.jpgWest before our grandkids lose their teeth?

*A challenge for Joe Vavra: Can you get Morneau and Mauer to take more aggressive at-bats against right-handers who can throw a good change-up? They looked like a couple of kids with day passes from New Britain on Thursday night. (Please, nobody interpret that as thinking the reigning MVP and batting champ suck. Thanks.)

*When Sidney Ponson starts Sunday, how many people are still going to be rooting for an 11-10 victory? You know, outscore ‘em while the beefy guy looks bad enough to replace.

*Are you gonna feel bad that Jim Thome is on the DL and won’t be playing against the Twins next week?

*Somebody posed this question to Curt Schilling on his blog: “While this is a little off topic, I was hoping that you could provide your input as a professional athlete. The Pats just signed Randy Moss. Like everyone else, I’m hoping that his reputation as being a moss.jpg“clubhouse cancer” is way overblown. However, if it is not, is there a chance that a player who is nothing but trouble can bring down a whole team? Is this a real risk? What should the clubhouse leaders/veterans do to keep the team together in such a situation?” I want to read his answer. I want Pat Neshek to answer that question on his blog too.

What are you wondering about?



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