Memos (and feel free to add you own)

Posted on May 15th, 2007 – 9:29 PM
By Howard

To: Ramon/Fr: Section 220/Everyone thought you were a great pick-up when you 1memo.gifwere 3-0 and now we’re getting a bit antsy at 3-4. That big-inning thing people talked about, and that you were set on conquering, can you go back and work on that? Six runs in the first tonight, four runs in the first in your last start. I noticed that you didn’t throw anything inside during your Inning of Hell at the Jake. Throwing inside. Remember. That was one of the things we were liking about you a few weeks back.

To: Jesse/Fr. Section 220/You gotta be able to get through an inning of mop-up without giving up six runs. I don’t care that Punto made an error and the runs were unearned. That was lame.

To: Garrett/Fr: Section 220/How does the pitching staff at Rochester compare to what you saw in your Twins debut? Just curious.

To: Justin/Fr: Section 220/That’s a nice stroke for a guy with a puffy nose. 

To: JasonT/Fr: Section 220/You’re 2 for 21 going back a couple of weeks. Stop looking at the right-field wall when you come to the plate. It’s not gonna happen. 

To: JasonK/Fr: Section 220/Keep swinging like that and I’ll take it back.

To KevinS/Fr. Section 220/Nice work beating Richmond tonight. So you have a 1.46 ERA. Can you be in Milwaukee this weekend?

To: Commenters/Fr: Section 220/Have a memo to a player? Post it below. You know they all read this stuff.

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