An order of links, please

Posted on May 29th, 2007 – 4:49 PM
By Howard

Some places you might wanna go to distract yourself from thoughts about AJ (with one exception), the starting rotation and whether Torii will stay or go:

*The blog Battle Your Tail Off has a q-and-a with ESPN’s Jayson Stark, who offered up an assortment of opinions about the Twins, his employer and other baseball issues. Read it here.

*Here’s a White Sox-themed view of what happened at the Dome on Monday, in which Gardy is the bad guy.  

*Jeff Manship is an interesting minor-league prospect with the Twins Class A team at Beloit, Wis. He answered some questions recently at Seth Speaks and, among other things, offered advice to Francisco Liriano on how to rehab after Tommy John surgery, which Manship had before starting college at Notre Dame.

*Go to Pat Neshek’s blog and scroll down until you get to the letter from the guy who wants Neshek to get Mauer and Morneau to autograph baseballs, complete with indivisual inscriptions, for his 10 groomsmen and ushers. Nice try, pal.

*Ever wonder who would be on the all-time, all-Jewish team? Someone over at Bugs and Cranks did.

Enjoy the game.

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