Winning well is the best revenge

Posted on May 29th, 2007 – 11:27 PM
By Howard

Seven things that were better Tuesday night than the passing thrill of watching AJ Pierzynski getting drilled:

00_morneau.jpg*Justin Morneau going deep once and almost twice, finishing the night with a homer, two doubles and four RBI. Also watching him share a laugh with third-base Coach Scott Ullger when Ullger (wisely) held Morneau at third base on a two-out single in the fifth and the Twins already ahead by eight. The hockey instincts coulda been ugly when colliding with a fully-geared catcher.

*Boof striking out Jim Thome twice and looking more and more like the legitimate No. 2 starter in the rotation.

*The double steal (Castillo and Punto) with the Twins already ahead by five runs in the fifth — and AJ not even throwing the ball. Teams don’t steal third with a five-run lead unless they’re sending someone a message. The Twins have done it two games in a row.

*Jason Kubel taking the good, young lefty John Danks deep in the third and just missing a three-run homer in the eighth.

*Michael Cuddyer starting to solve his mysterious problems against lefties (.196 vs. 331 against righties) by getting three hits off Danks.

*Ramon Ortiz pitching the ninth with a seven-run lead instead of the first with a four-run deficit, which happened the last time he faced the White Sox.

*The Yankees tied for last in the AL East.  Have fun, Roger.

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