A shaken Gardy steps up and takes the blame

Posted on June 22nd, 2007 – 9:27 PM
By Howard

I ended my post on Wednesday by pointing out that right moves were made to break open that night’s victory over the Mets.

0agardy.jpgTonight, against the Marlins, the game got away from Gardy and his staff.

And I like Gardy a bit more right now because he took responsibility for losing train of thought when he saw Justin Morneau spitting up blood after his home-plate collision with Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo. I haven’t heard another manager take on that kind of blame, save for the facetious blather of Ozzie Guillen or the sarcastic retorts of guys who think their decisions are above scrutiny.

Obviously, the recently wretched Juan Rincon should not have come out for a second inning – or at least should have been yanked after retiring the switch-hitter who led off the inning. Gardy should have gotten Rincon out of there before he was in position to screw up for a third straight appearance, which is what he did when Hanley Ramirez whacked his hanging slider into the seats with two outs in the bottom of the eighth.

“Yeah, I kind of got sidetracked a little bit,” Gardy said after the game on FSN. “That’s my bad. It was a little scary. But I should have done my job and managed. … Neshek should have come into the game after the first out with all the right-handers coming up. We kind of screwed up on the bench. … The game kind of got out of whack when Morneau got hurt. I have to do better than that. That’s my opinion and probably a lot of other people’s opinions too.”

He knows that, we know that … and I’m amazed that the issue Gardy raised on himself didn’t get discussed at all in the TV booth while the game was going on or during the postgame clatter of chatter when Dick, Bert, Roy, Ron and helpless Ann all had chances to weigh in. Maybe they’re still in shock about Bert’s hair.

Mark my words, Marney Gellner would have been all over it.

(Check Joe’s blog and www.startribune.com for updates on Morneau.)

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