I just happened to be watching Baseball Tonight when…

Posted on June 22nd, 2007 – 12:26 AM
By Howard

Tom Kelly’s name was mentioned as a candidate to manage the Baltimore Orioles. Under normal conditions, I would laugh at this in the same way that I would laugh at some of the delusional trade proposals that get floated from time to time. It makes little sense because:

*TK has shown no interest in a return to managing and seems to have a pretty good gig as a consultant/curmudgeon with the Twins.

*The Orioles are a team that has chewed up and spit out their most recent managers with bouts of anarchy and disinterest.

*The team has pretty much sucked for the past decade.

However, the mention of TK came from Buster Olney, the senior ESPN baseball guy who doesn’t traffic in garbage. If anyone could sweet talk TK into giving managing another try, it would be his partner-in-victory from 1987 and 1991, Andy MacPhail, who was named chief operating officer of the Orioles this week.

Buster has enough ball cred for me to pass the mention on to you all. Ponder it.

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