Brutal game, this baseball

Posted on June 25th, 2007 – 11:13 PM
By Howard

Now we may not see Luis Castillo for a spell after he was spiked by Roy Halladay when 0er.jpgCastillo came home on a wild pitch in the fifth inning. It’s bad enough that the right side of the infield is likely to be on the shelf for the next couple of days, at least. But Castillo’s cut hand was only a fraction of the carnage on the field. I’m guessing there will be some very sore Twins reporting for work.

*In the first inning, Nick Punto jumped into the dugout and landed on his back when he caught Matt Stairs’ foul pop. His reckless dives into first base seem tame by comparison.

*In the second, Torii Hunter went thud against the wall when he made one of two excellent catches in center field. He didn’t look so hot for the rest of the inning.

*In the top of the fifth, Mike Redmond tweaked his leg when he was running down a bad throw from Cuddyer that Jeff Cirillo couldn’t handle.

*In the sixth, Juan Rincon got nailed with a one-hopper and almost turned Cirillo’s glove hand into a sacrifice when he threw the ball to first right in the basepath.

*Cirillo, who has played five games ina  row, was dealing with his chronically sore knee after the game.

That’s six guys who were likely feeling substantially less than 100 percent after the game. Gardy pointed out that Castillo couldn’t grip the bat in the bottom of the ninth, which was why Luis Rodriguez  hauled his sorry .177 average to the plate with two on and two outs in the ninth.

Back to my chronic rant: A game like Monday’s exposes the weaknesses of the bench and the tepid nature of the offense by American League standards. The Jays had seven guys in their lineup last night who can be considered home run threats — and three of ‘em homered. The Twins had two with numbers (Hunter and Cuddyer) and two with potential (Kubel and Mauer).

Not a fair fight, all the more with players dropping left, center and right.

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