Men without bats, and still a fun game

Posted on June 27th, 2007 – 12:17 AM
By Howard

It ws a late night at the Dome. I was official scorer and got rewarded with 12 innings of baseball. It was a good one, though. The Jays are a fun team to watch.

I’m not going to call this a corner-turning start for Scott Baker, but it was nice to see him take advantage of an appropriately¬†generous strike zone and Toronto’s aggressiveness at the plate. The Jays were off balance all night. And you can’t ask for more than five perfect innings of relief — 15 up, 15 down. Juan Rincon seemed to work out his troubles from last week, although I was glad that he didn’t have to go out and pitch a second inning, even though he only threw six pitches in the top of the 12th.

Gotta scoring issue for those of you who want to weigh in: I gave Kubel an RBI double in the seventh because it didn’t look to me like he slowed down rounding first. Also, the right fielder was heading away from second base and I think the only throw he could make while moving was toward home. It was “toward home” because the ball was caught about 15 feet in front of the plate.

I had to choose between a double, or a single with second on the throw. I think Kubel would have had a double, no matter what. The video is at, if you want to take a look, although you won’t see Kubel until he’s almost half-way to second.

My friend Greg in western Massachusetts left a voice mail, telling me he’s coming to¬†town next month and ending the message with: “Terrible call.”

Friends rock!

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