Listen to me … and Karl Rove

Posted on July 10th, 2007 – 8:04 AM
By Howard

Not together, though.0akarl.jpg

I’ll be on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midday with Gary Eichten at 11 a.m. doing our annual All-Star Game Day show. (No, this isn’t the show with fabulous prizes. That’s on Labor Day at the State Fair.) You can listen to it in the Twin Cities at 91.1 FM, elsewhere in the region on one of these stations or on the Web by clicking here under the “News” icon.

Rove will be on at noon.

Gotta go do my high school chorus exercises.

(Afternoon update: If you’re looking for Live Blogging action during the All-Star Game tonight, Sooze and Lizzy at Babes Love Baseball will be hanging out at Deadspin for your participatory pleasure.

(And furthermore: If you want to spend part of Saturday afternoon with a recently lost Twins blogger, check this out.

(And, I hated to do this, but I shut down the comments here. This won’t become a blog where people attack each other repeatedly. It just won’t. I understand that politics, religion and Texas Hold ‘Em can bring out the worst in people, but I don’t feel like contributing to a “talk radio” environment of disrespect. In the five months of Section 220, I haven’t banned anyone and have put only two people in “moderation,” where I see their comments before they’re posted. It was just time to call it a day on this one. I’m leaving the comments up so you can see why I’m unhappy. I’m at, if you want to contact me.) 


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