Hail “The Answer” and other victories

Posted on July 13th, 2007 – 12:46 AM
By Howard

I was listening to the A’s play the Yankees a couple Saturdays ago and Chad Gaudin allowed only one hit and three walks in seven innings at Yankee Stadium. Thinking about that was reason for some trepidation going into Thursday’s game. But it sure helps when Gaudin reverted to the form that’s made his career somewhat problematic, despite the success he’s had so far in 2007. Four walks in the first inning makes it pretty easy to score runs, despite Jason (Get Out of the Batter’s Box!) Kubel’s 1-2-3 double play that ended the first inning after the Twins had taken a 2-0 lead.

Since June 1, Gaudin has walked 30 batters in 47 1/3 innings, so the lack of control wasn’t a complete surprise. It was nice to see the Twins approaching their at-bats, for the most part, as if they had a clue about the weakness of their opponent. Gaudin has a history of wildness, even when he’s pitched well.

And, hey, Garrett (The Answer) Jones went 2-for-4, including a single that started a second-inning rally and a double in the eighth off a lefty sidearmer.

And, hey, Scott Baker looked pretty good, even if it took him 100 pitches to get through six innings.

And, hey, that was three innings of hitless relief from Guerrier, Reyes and Nathan. I’m thinking that the now-healthy Reyes has the stuff to come close to the prowess he showed in 2006. Anybody else notice that he hasn’t given up an earned run in 9 1/3 innings (12 appearances) since coming off the disabled list last month?

The Tigers lost, Johan’s pitching tonight and it’s the weekend. Enjoy it.

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