Not much for me to add (other than Aaron Rowand)

Posted on December 2nd, 2007 – 11:05 AM
By Howard

JoeC and LaVelle have been working their butts off these past few days keeping on top of the Santana situation, as well as anything else that moves around the Twins. So the best thing to do for now is to check out their work to see what’s moving and what’s not.

For now, on another subject, here’s an Aaron Rowand reader.

This is from Delaware Online.

Here’a recent story from

And from

My question: If Rowand, 30, wants $50-$60 million over five seasons (not to be confused with $75-$90 million) and the Twins want to make a statement that the two seasons before the new ballpark opens aren’t for rebuilding, then would you sign Rowand?

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