Jason Kubel: 4 zillion bloggers can’t be wrong

Posted on April 10th, 2008 – 8:16 AM
By Howard

Hey Gardy,

There’s not much I can add to the discussion here other than to throw my weight around as a blogger who also works in the mainstream media. That makes my opinion count double, right? So here’s the deal: I’ve had your back fairly often when the “Fire Gardy” crowd has acted up and I think that you’re a better manager than most. It’s all the more apparent when a guy like Ozzie is in the other dugout, making sure everyone knows that he’s there and doing things like not having his lefty reliever ready to face your lefty, Jason Kubel, in the sixth last night.

But you gotta take my word on this: Jason Kubel is an everyday player. This is NOT an original thought, or a conclusion arrived at in the giddy aftermath of last night’s grand slam.

The best case for this was made last week by the blogger Aaron Gleeman, on his blog and then repeated at MinnPost. Aaron is the Godfather of the Free Jason Kubel! movement. But it should be pointed out that early last May, Section 220 offered up the radical idea that Kubel should be sent to Rochester so he could swing every day instead of popping off the bench every now and again at your whim. The point at the time was that “Jason Kubel is going to be an important member of the Twins for the years to come” and that sitting him was silly.

Now, Gardy, the point is that Kubel should be in right field every day pending Michael Cuddyer’s return, and then your everyday DH thereafter. Craig Monroe will make a nice 150 at-bat bench player, kind of your Punto-with-a-bat. It’ll make your life a bit easier in a season when you have enough other things to worry about.

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