Gogomez and the flying pigs

Posted on May 8th, 2008 – 12:01 AM
By Howard

For all the well-documented flaws in Gogomez’ youthful game, I think the Twins were on to something when they traded No. 57 to the Mets. Hitting for the cycle… tied for the league lead in stolen bases… electric defense in the tradition of Twins center fielders of the last two dozen years. As Gogomez continues to harness his extraordinary gifts, I suspect we’re going to be spectators to something special. I hope he never loses the joy that he brings to the game and, one can hope, that Gogomez’ exuberance rubs off on his teammates now and for years to come.

As Scott Ullger said after the 13-1 victory ended, “Don’t blink. He’s that fast. Total package. And he’s just learning the game. … He’s special.”

No need to go deeper on his game. Read the stories, watch the highlights, tell your friends that you saw every hit — even if you didn’t.

As for me, I’ve got to do something about the pigs flying outside my window. The procession started when Dick’n'Bert uttered the phrase, “Punto has five RBIs.”

One more thing: I’ll be hosting a live blog during today’s game on startribune.com. You’ll be able to go to startribune.com/twins and join in after 12:15 or so. If you’re working (and not the boss) it’ll be a good idea to spend part of the morning working on the footstep drill. You know, quickly minimizing your web browser when someone walks by.

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